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Poll Feature

Orvado Technologies

Polls are a fun feature that allows visitors to your site to vote on a particular subject. In the newspaper world, polls were made popular by the USA Today newspaper. They allow you to measure a general consensus about a topic or issue that affects our world (and your web site.

Creating Polls

Creating polls is a simple matter of defining a question and then adding a selection of responses. You may have as many responses as you like, but as a general rule of thumb it is good to have between 4 and 6 choices.

By default, the poll module will display the most recent poll on the home page (if ASP Nuke is configured to display the poll). In fact, as you are entering a new poll, you will actually see the poll being built within the capsule.

You may edit both the poll question or any of the possible responses at any time. This is regardless of whether or not the poll has received any votes or not. You should be careful about doing this because it will invalidate the authenticity of your poll.

Poll Results

When you view the poll results, you will see a "bar chart" created entirely from HTML. This gives you a visual representation of the votes received so far. Beside each bar, you will see a percentage. This indicates the percentage of votes received for the response with respect to the total number of votes cast for the poll.

Below the results, There is a comment system very similar to the article comment system. It allows visitors to make a comment on the poll question, any of the responses or the results so far.

Users may enter comments whether they are logged onto the site or not. If you enter a comment while logged in, your comment will be shown with your registered username attributed to the remark. Otherwise, your comment will appear as being posted by user "Anonymous".

Comments will be moderated in the same fashion as the article comments. This means that users with good karma (moderation points) will be able to "mod" items up or down. These "mod" points will combine to form a score for the comment which determines whether the comment should be shown or hidden. The moderation system has not yet been completed, so this feature is not yet functional.

Voting Restrictions

To ensure fair and balanced voting for the poll, we employ IP checks to make sure that each person can only cast one vote. You can configure whether or not a person may cast one vote per poll, one vote per day or one vote per week.

Each time a person votes, their IP is logged to the database. Before a vote is cast, the system will check the log and make sure the person is allowed to cast a vote. If they are not allowed, the system will simply show the poll results with a message on the top indicating that their vote has been cast already.

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2003


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